# Elements Summary

The essential elements to build components and pages are the following.

Element Description
a Hyperlink
canvas Canvas and drawings
camera Management of the camera
div Generic block container
image Image
input Inline user input (i.e., text, range, email,...)
label Label for form fields
list Generic list of items
list-item Item of a list
marquee Marquee effect for scrolling text
option Options in select elements
picker Selection of items, date, time...
popup Pop up messages
progress Progress indicator
rating User's rating mechanism
refresh Pull-to-refresh mechanism
richtext Styling text features
select Dropdown form select
slider Defined range input
slot Template's content slot
span Generic inline container
stack Container for overlaid items
swiper Slideshow or carousel container
switch Switch checkbox
tab-bar Tab bar within tabs
tab-content Tab content within tabs
tabs Block container distributed in tabs
text Textual content
textarea Multi-line plain text input
video Video player
web Web view container

All these elements have common attributes and support common events.