# Summary of APIs

Quick apps support services and APIs to enable complex business logic and rich user experience. Read more details about the basics of APIs and services, or access all the details for the concrete services listed below.

# Basic Services

Service Module Description
App Context system.app Information about the quick app
Background Running system.resident Running apps in the background
Logging - Methods for recording messages (e.g., console)
Package Management system.package App package management
Page Routing system.router Routing of pages and components

# UI Interaction

Service Module Description
Notifications system.notification Notification display
Pop-up system.prompt User dialogs and prompts
QR Code system.barcode QR code scan
Sharing system.share Data sharing with other external apps
Text to Speech (TTS) system.tts Text-to-speech functions
Vibration system.vibrator Vibration management
WebView system.webview Use of WebView to display websites within quick apps

# Network

Service Module Description
Fetch system.fetch Getting content from the network
Download system.downloadtask File download management
Network Status system.network Status of the network (WiFi, 4G, 5G, ethernet,...)
Request system.requesttask Network requests
Upload system.uploadtask File upload management
Upload/Download Files system.request Upload and download files through the network
WebSockets system.websocketfactory WebSocket management

# Files and Data Management

Service Module Description
Cryptographic Operations system.cipher Cryptographic algorithm operations
Data Exchange service.exchange Data exchange between quick apps
Data Storage system.storage Local app database management
File Management system.file Local file system management
ZIP Decompression system.zip Decompress ZIP files

# System Services

Service Module Description
Alarms system.alarm Management of device's alarms.
App Configuration system.configuration Management of app configuration (locale, date, screen orientation)
Audio Volume system.volume System's multimedia volume management
Battery Level system.battery Device's battery level
Bluetooth system.bluetooth Bluetooth communication management
Calendar Events system.calendar Insert events in the calendar
Clipboard system.clipboard Clipboard management
Contacts system.contact Contact selection
Device Information system.device Information about the device
Home Screen Icon system.shortcut App shortcut installation
Location system.geolocation Geolocation
MediaQuery system.mediaquery Media Query matching and listeners
Screen Brightness system.brightness Control of screen brightness
Sensors system.sensor Sensors (accelerometer, compass, proximity, light, step counter...)
SMS Messages system.sms SMS distribution
Wi-Fi system.wifi WiFi connection management

# Multimedia

Service Module Description
Animations - Visual animations and transformations
Audio Player system.audio Audio player
Audio Recording system.record Audio recording
Canvas - Canvas manipulation
Image Processing system.image Advanced image processing
Multimedia system.media Video/audio management (recording, preview,...)
Video Processing hap.io.Video Video manipulation