# tab-bar

Tab bar within a tabs element.

Tabs on a Quick App

(Example code)

# Children Elements

All children elements are supported.

# Attributes

In addition to the common attributes, this element may contain the following attribute.

# mode

Indicates if the tab-bar elements may be hidden if the width of all of them are larger than the total width of the tab bar.

  • Type: string (scrollable | fixed)
  • Default value: fixed
  • Mandatory: no

When mode is set to fixed, the width of the tab bar is evenly divided into the width of the sub-elements regardless of the sum of their width and the width of the tab bar.

# CSS Properties

In addition to the common styles, this element supports the following styling property:

# height

Height of the tab-bar.

  • Type: <length-percentage>
  • Default value: 100px
  • Mandatory: no

# Events

This element support all the common events, with the exception of swipe.

# Methods

This element does not have additional methods.

# Example

    <div class="container"> 
        <tabs class="tabs" onchange="changeTabactive" index="2"> 
            <tab-bar class="tab-bar"> 
                <text class="tab-text">tab1</text> 
                <text class="tab-text">tab2</text> 
                <text class="tab-text">tab3</text> 
            <tab-content class="tab-content" scrollable="{{scrollable}}"> 
                <div class="item-container"> 
                    <div class="item-content"> 
                        <text class="item-title">tab1 page</text> 
                <div class="item-container"> 
                    <div class="item-content"> 
                        <text class="item-title">tab2 page</text> 
                <div class="item-container"> 
                    <div class="item-content"> 
                        <text class="item-title">tab3 page</text> 

<style lang="sass">
   .tabs { 
        flex: 1; 
        margin-top: 20px; 
        margin-right: 30px; 
        margin-left: 30px; 
        background-color: #ffffff; 
    .tab-content { 
        flex: 1; 
    .tab-bar { 
        height: 100px; 
        border-color: #bbbbbb; 
        color: #bbbbbb; 
        border-bottom-width: 1px; 
    .tab-text { 
        width: 300px; 
        text-align: center; 
    .tab-text:active { 
        color: #f76160;
    .item-container { 
        padding-top: 30px; 
        padding-left: 30px; 
        padding-right: 30px; 
        flex-direction: column; 
    .item-content { 
        flex-direction: column; 
        padding-bottom: 30px; 
    .item-title { 
        padding-top: 50px; 
        padding-bottom: 20px; 
        color: #aaaaaa; 
    export default { 
        data: { 
            scrollable: true, 
        changeTabactive: function (e) { 
            // switch tab 
            console.log('----------switch tab: ' + e.index);