# Media Queries

Media Query matching and listeners.

# Manifest Declaration

You need to declare the use of this API in the manifest's features member:

{"name": "system.mediaquery"}

# Module Import

Before using this service in a component, you need to import the module in the script section of the UX document.

import mediaquery from '@system.mediaquery' 


let mediaquery = require("@system.mediaquery")

# Methods

This service has the following method:

# matchMedia(string)

Method to create a media query.

# Arguments

This method have the following arguments:

  • condition (string). Mandatory attribute with the condition to match.

# Return

This method returns an object with the following members:

  • matches (boolean). Read-only attribute that indicates if the system found data based on the current query condition (true).
  • media (string). Read-only attribute with the serialized media query condition.
  • onchange (function). Listener for events that will be triggered once the matching data change.


const mql = mediaquery.matchMedia('(max-width: 600)');

You can also bind event listeners to this event with addListener(function).

For instance:

const mql = mediaquery.matchMedia('(max-width: 600)');

function screenTest(e) { 
  if (e.matches) { 
    // change element style 
  } else { 
    // change element style 

You can also remove the event listener with removeListener(function).

For instance: