# Calendar Events

Insert events in the calendar.

# Manifest Declaration

You need to declare the use of this API in the manifest's features member:

{"name": "system.calendar"}

# Module Import

Before using this service in a component, you need to import the module in the script section of the UX document.

import calendar from '@system.calendar' 


let calendar = require("@system.calendar")

# Methods

This service has the following method:

# insert({title,description,startDate,endDate,timezone,allDay,rrule,remindMinutes,organizer,success,fail})

This method inserts a calendar event.

# Arguments

This method requires an object with the following attributes:

  • title (string). Mandatory attribute with the title of an event.
  • description (string). Optional attribute with the description of the event.
  • startDate (number). Mandatory attribute indicating the start time of an event,represented by the Coordinated Universal Time (in milliseconds) calculated from the beginning of the calendar year.
  • endDate (number). Mandatory attribute indicating the end time of an event, which is represented by the Coordinated Universal Time (in milliseconds), calculated from the beginning of the calendar year.
  • timezone (string). Optional attribute with time zone of the event.
  • allDay (boolean). Optional flag indicating if it is full-day event (defined by the local time zone) (true) or if it is an event with fixed start and end times.
  • rrule (string). Mandatory attribute for recurring events that indicates the rule format (opens new window) of a recurring event (e.g., FREQ=WEEKLY;COUNT=10;WKST=SU).
  • remindMinutes (array). Optional attribute to specify when the reminders will be sent, expressed as the number of minutes ahead the event (e.g., [5,15,30]).
  • organizer (string). Optional attribute with the email address of an event organizer (owner).
  • success (function(res)). Optional callback function for success, with the following argument:
    • res (integer): the identifier of the event created.
  • fail (function(code)). Optional callback function for failure, with the following codes:
    • 201 when the user rejected the request of setting a reminder.
    • 202 when the system received an invalid parameter (e.g., the time format is invalid).


    title: "My Event", 
    startDate: "1490770543000", 
    endDate: "1490880543000", 
    remindMinutes: [5,15,30], 
    rrule: "FREQ=WEEKLY;COUNT=2", 
    success:function(data){console.log("handling success");}