# Contacts

Access to the contacts list.

# Manifest Declaration

You need to declare the use of this API in the manifest's features member:

{"name": "system.contact"}

# Module Import

Before using this service in a component, you need to import the module in the script section of the UX document.

import contact from '@system.contact' 


let contact = require("@system.contact")

# Methods

This service has the following method:

# pick({success,fail,complete})

Selects a contact.

# Arguments

This method requires an object with the following attributes:

  • success (function(res)). Optional callback function for success. The function has an object as main argument with the following members:
    • res.displayName (string) with the name of the contact selected.
    • res.number (string) with the phone number of the contact.
  • fail (function(code)). Optional callback function for failure.
  • complete (function()). Optional callback function for completion.


    success: function(data) { 
        console.log('data : '+data.displayName+', number = '+data.number); 
    fail: function(errmsg, errcode) { 
        console.log('pick failed ' + errmsg+' errcode = '+errcode);