# popup

Displays a tooltip text on an element.

The content in the pop-up element is a text specified as a child node.

Pop up component on a Quick App

(Example code)

# Children Elements

This element only supports text elements elements as children nodes.

# Attributes

In addition to the common attributes, this element may contain the following attributes.

# target

This attribute identifies the target element (its id) where the pop-up will be shown.

  • Type: string
  • Default value: -
  • Mandatory: yes

# placement

This attribute defines the position of the pop-up.

  • Type: string (left | right | top | bottom | topLeft | topRight | bottomLeft | bottomRight)
  • Default value: bottom
  • Mandatory: no

# CSS Properties

In addition to the common styles, this element supports the following styling property:

# mask-color

Color of the overlay mask.

  • Type: <color>
  • Default value: #000000
  • Mandatory: no


If the value is not specified, the mask will be completely transparent. If only the color is specified, the opacity is set to 30% by default.

# Events

In addition to the common events (with the exception of appear and disappear, this element supports the following event:

# visibilitychange

This event is triggered when a pop-up becomes visible or hidden.

Additional parameters:

  • { visible: boolean }

# Methods

This element doesn't support additional methods.

# Example

  <div class="container column-center row-center">
    <div class="mlr-container">
      <input type="button" value="pop up:top-pop" class="btn-blue"  id="pop-top"/>
    <div class="mlr-container mt-btn">
      <input type="button" value="pop up:bottom-pop" class="btn-blue"  id="pop-bottom"/>
    <popup target="pop-top" placement="top" style="mask-color: #333333;">
    <popup target="pop-bottom" style="mask-color: #333333;">

  module.exports = {