# a

(Anchor). This element defines a hyperlink.

Links on a Quick App

(Example code)

# Children Elements

This element supports span elements as children.

# Attributes

In addition to the common attributes, this element may contain the following attribute.

# href

Destination of the link.

  • Type: string
  • Default value: value
  • Mandatory: no

For details about the supported link formats, see the URI parameter in page routing.


You can use ?param1=value1 to add parameters and access them on page instances through this.param1.


<a href="About?param1=value1">
<a href="/about?param1=value1">
<a href="https://www.example.org/?param1=value1">

# CSS Properties

In addition to the common styles, this element supports the following styling properties:

This element supports the :active pseudo-class.

# lines

Number of text lines. The value -1 indicates unlimited lines.

  • Type: number
  • Default value: -1
  • Mandatory: no

# color

Color of the font.

  • Type: <color>
  • Default value: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.54)
  • Mandatory: no

# letter-spacing

Space between characters.

  • Type: <length>
  • Default value: 0px
  • Mandatory: no

# font-size

Font size.

  • Type: <length>
  • Default value: 30px
  • Mandatory: no

# font-style

Font style selected from the font family.

  • Type: string (italic | normal)
  • Default value: normal
  • Mandatory: no

# font-weight

Weight of the font.

  • Type: string (lighter | 100 | 200 | 300 | 400 | 500 | 600 | 700 | 800 | 900 | normal | bold | bolder)
  • Default value: normal
  • Mandatory: no

# text-decoration

Decoration options to the text.

  • Type: string (underline | line-through | none)
  • Default value: none
  • Mandatory: no


If you apply the text-decoration, you must set the value attribute.

# text-indent

  • Type: <length-percentage>
  • Default value: -
  • Mandatory: no

# text-align

Alignment direction of the text, relative to its parent element.

  • Type: string (left | center | right)
  • Default value: left
  • Mandatory: no


If you use different languages, using different directions, use this attribute together with dir.

# line-height

Line height of the text.

  • Type: <length>
  • Default value: -
  • Mandatory: no

# text-overflow

Content shown if overflow is active. It takes effect when the number of lines is specified.

  • Type: string (clip | ellipsis)
  • Default value: clip
  • Mandatory: no

# font-family

Font family of for the text.

  • Type: string
  • Default value: -
  • Mandatory: no

To customize fonts, please refer font-face style.

# Events

This element supports the common events.


When the a element is a child to the text element, only the click event is supported.

# Methods

This element does not have additional methods.

# Example

      <div class="container row-center">
      <div class="row-center">
        <a href="https://quick-app-initiative.ow2.io/" class="btn-transparent">QAI Home Page (web)</a>
      <div class="row-center mt-btn">
        <a href="/Component/container/stack" class="btn-transparent">stack (quick app) page</a>