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FRVR is a successful games company actively using Quick Apps as one of the dozens of channels that its technology platform enables developers to publish to.

FRVR enables game developers to bring their games to billions of users, and digital ecosystem owners to bring the perfect games directly to their users. With the average user’s device computing power and internet connection speed skyrocketing, there is no technical reason why high-quality, gameplay-deep experiences can’t be brought to users instantly, so long as the structural support is there.

FRVR is proud to head up the Games Task Force of the Quick App Initiative, helping to grow the market and spread understanding of this dramatic change in the way that quality games content can be brought directly to users.


Country of incorporation/registration: Malta

Type of organization: SME

Domain(s) of activity: Games Publishing, Games Development, Games Platform


QAI representatives:

  • Chris Benjaminsen
  • Kester Bishop