Highlights of the Quick App Initiative, including:

Open Source Experience Paris, 9-10 November

Huawei is gold sponsor of this great event, and will dedicate the majority of its booth to the initiative.

  • QAI participants can be part of this:
  • Use the booth to talk about your activities and your hopes for the initiative, and even demo your quick apps.
  • Be part of a 45 minute workshop (please share your ideas!).
  • We propose to display logos of participants on the booth and flyer.
  • Design work will start soon and must be finalised early October.

Task Forces and discussion groups

3 task forces are in the process of being launched:

  • Gaming (FRVR + Famobi)
  • Education (Santillana, CTIC, Alliance Tech).
  • Sustainability (Alliance Tech)
  • There is also an informal discussion group about outreach to Russia (Kester Bishop and Adrien Henni).
  • Each of the above will provide insight and news during the next steering committee.
  • In the meantime, if any of these groups interests you, please let us know. The more people we have in each the better they will be.

A big welcome to Zachary Powell

  • Zach will be helping the initiative as a Developer Advocate.
  • He’s of course a very friendly guy, and has huge experience in Android programming; we’re super lucky to have him participating with us.
  • If you would like to say hi and learn more, drop him a message on twitter or LinkedIn

Quick Apps strategy workshop (28 July)

Two-hour workshop to analyse challenges and opportunities of quick apps. 40+ participants in total.

  • Target: defining actions (quick wins) for spreading quick apps in the European market.
  • Highlighted the lack of support in OS/devices and platforms, and lack of developer support outside China.
  • Top strengths:
    • Quick app has unique features to maximize user engagement and retention from a marketing perspective, and
    • Quick apps are the tool to build and deliver experiences.
  • As an outcome, the workshop generated a document with a wide list of recommendations and insights from different angles (technology, business development and community).
  • Soon, we will organize a similar ad hoc workshop on quick app monetization, including advertising and payments.

Pilot application for Lutece

Lutece is an hugely successful open source citizen services platform managed by the City of Paris, and published through OW2.

  • It is used not just by City of Paris, but also other cities like Lyon, Baltimore, Budapest, and some projects in Africa.
  • The Lutece team have really seen the potential for quick apps, and have agreed to work with the initiative to create a pilot app.
  • If you are interested in being part of the development effort for this pilot, please contact me and I will invite you into the next discussion meeting when will look closer at how to organise the pilot.


We’ll be speaking about QAI to Systematic’s Hub Open Source later in September.

  • Systematic is a regional competitivity cluster and European Deep Tech Pole based in Paris. It plays a significant role in advancing various ICT domains, nurturing SMEs, and creating a melting pot of innovative SMEs, industry and academia.
  • Its Hub Open Source has a long and important history promoting open source, not least it is responsible for the OSXP event.
  • Let’s work together to grow our Quick App Initiative community.
  • Reach out to organisations and people who you think could be interested; invite them in, share the relevant links. Myself, Martin and Zach can also talk with them.
  • Why not share some love (not in that way) on social media, LinkedIn,…?


Have you created your OW2 user account and connected to GitLab and chat?

  • OW2 user account
  • QAI chat
  • QAI GitLab
    • GitLab is being updated with lots of “ToDo” (or issues in GitLab language). Make sure to check it out and see where you’d like to help.
  • Portal content
  • Feel free to write a blog article for the portal, or propose other content that you feel would benefit everyone.