Yes it’s true, QAI now has a collaboration space on GitHub woohoo. This compliments the space we also have on OW2’s GitLab service. Now you choose where to collaborate with the community.

Find the new QAI GitHub space here :

The Heritage In project

Within this new GitHub space you can now find the Heritage In project; a great showcase of what can be done with open source and open data … and what’s more, the project produces Quick App and PWA versions of your implementation. So no worries if your audience don’t have Quick App supporting smartphones.

There are several demo implementations to give you some ideas, so why not download the project today and create your own Heritage In app.

And, of course, we would love to work with you to expand this project.

  • What new functions would you like to see?
  • What new functions could you add?
  • What amazing implementations can you create?

We’re excited to see your ideas … let the collaboration begin!