Are you interested in developing quick apps? In the new section for developers, now you can find comprehensive documents and guides that will help you understand quick apps and create your first app.

Among the documents, you can find a getting started guide explaining the requirements and tools to kick start the development and test your first apps in minutes. There, you can also learn about the structure of the rpk packages that form quick apps, how to configure your application’s look and feel with the manifest, and start writing your first .ux documents with a structure and content based on HTML-like language, binding events and applying stylesheets and advanced business logic based on rich services.

You can also find reference documents with technical specifications of the user interface components (i.e., containers, images, tabs, among others) and the services and APIs used for the application’s business logic.

The following table summarizes the documents you will find in this new section:

Document What is it about?
Quick Guide
Introduction Basic concepts
Getting Started Prerequisites, environment and tools, compile and run the app
Directory Structure Structure of a .rpk file
Manifest Main configuration file structure and content
UX Documents Structure of the files to implement quick apps
Template Syntax Syntax of the UX documents
App Styling Stylesheet details and syntax
Scripting How to describe scripts
Event Handling Event definition and management
App/Page Lifecycle Lifecycle events in quick apps
Internationalization Mechanisms to localize apps
Components Basics Introduction to UI components
APIs and Services Basics Introduction to APIs and services
Services Running in Background How to run services in the background
Distribution In case you want to list it on a marketplace
UI Components
Elements Summary ~30 Pre-built components
Common Attributes Element’s attributes
Common Styles CSS properties and rules
Common Events Element’s events
API & Services
Summary of APIs ~50 Services and APIs to use in quick apps

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