Startin’blox produce an open platform that allows app developers to incorporate pre-built modules of rich functionality in their apps. Modules leverage the W3C Solid framework created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee to promote data storage decentralisation, and the return of data control from service providers to data owners. The proposal is to bring Startin’blox and Quick Apps closer together.


  • Lead: Startin’blox (France)
  • Additional: none


  • A 6 month project.
  • Enable developers who use the Startin’blox platform to output their applications as Quick Apps as well as PWAs.
  • Enable Quick App developers to use the growing library of Startin’blox modules to enrich their Quick Apps with rich functionality.

Requested assistance

  • Sponsorship funding: 95K€


  • Project accepted by the Steering Committee.
  • Sponsors being sought.

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