The Quick App Initiative is about creating a vibrant, dynamic, multi-cultural community of people, companies and organisations that are motivated to share experiences, learn from each other, make some cool Quick Apps (and hopefully some open source), foster a new Quick App dynamic in Europe and beyond.

Participation to the initiative is not through pay-to-play, or in accordance to selection criteria. You do not need to ask to be a participant, nor do you need to ask if you would like to “co-opt” or invite a contact. Simply sign up here.

Open to all

  • Individuals regardless of culture, race, relgion, gender identity, or other:

    • Developers (professionals, hobbyists, students) interested in Web and native app technologies;
    • Communication experts who would like to help us reach a larger audience;
    • Business development experts who see potential in this new paradigm;
  • Companies regardless of country of registration or domain of activity:

    • OEMs and operating system providers interested in supporting Quick Apps;
    • Content and service providers interested in making Quick Apps;
    • Marketing companies looking to produce marketing campaigns that fusion on and offline;
    • Innovative entrepreneurs and SMEs.
  • Non profits

    • Municipalities interested in making their services easily accessible for citizens and visitors;
    • Research centers and academic institutions interested using Quick Apps as an easy POC, test and distribution mechanism;
    • NGOs


In counterparty to this openness, there are a couple of provisos:

  1. Actions of the initiative are managed by the Steering Committee in order to uphold (as possible) the social, professional, commercial and moral standing of its participants. In short, anyone can join, but not every suggestion or action will be agreed.
  2. All participants in the Quick App Initiative agree to be bound by:

To join QAI, please register here: