A unique event looking at the intersection of web innovation, emerging standards for light app technologies (such as MiniApps), and mobile devices.

Access to the internet, and by extension the web, is a key enabler of human rights, citizen inclusion, knowledge sharing, education, commerce and even government. There are now nearly 2 billion web sites globally, and eCommerce generates hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Having a web presence is no longer a question, it’s a necessary requirement for today’s digital world.

Since the mid 2000’s there has been an exponential increase in web access from mobile devices fuelled by the rise of smartphones and increasingly affordable, high speed mobile data networks. Mobile native applications have raised the bar for what people expect when interacting with their devices; ubiquitous connectivity, fluid interactivity, rich functionality, and importantly, ease of app acquisition and use.

The shift towards an always on, always connected real-time society, combined with new technologies such as smart homes, smart cities, AR/VR, AI bots, telemedicine and telepresence challenges us. It challenges us to evolve existing global standards and create new ones. It challenges us to combat concerns about data privacy, cyber security, online harassment and more. It challenges us to keep the development process easy and accessible.

This 1 day event, endorsed by the W3C (developers of global web standards), Systematic (the largest innovation pole in France), and OW2 (Europe’s historic open source foundation) will provide insight into web technology trends.

It will give you a rare opportunity to speak with renowned web experts not just from W3C, but also from industry.

And to top it all, this web technologies event is followed by OW2’s fantastic annual conference in on June 14th and 15th … 3 days of pure MiniApp and open source excellence in lovely Paris

Make sure you reserve your free participation to these events soon; space is limited.

See you all soon!