To wrap up 2021 on a great note, the Quick App initiative participated to XtremeJS, a professional online conference focused on JavaScript. XtremeJS took place on the 23rd of December and included 14 short sessions with about 100 participants from all over the world.

The conference talks covered various cutting-edge, new and sophisticated topics, such as touchless apps, React components, Micro-Frontends, AI and more.

“Quick Apps: Minimum Time-To-Market, Maximum UX”

Martin Alvarez Espinar, on behalf of Quick App Initiative, presented Quick Apps as a platform for hybrid mobile application development, based on the front-end web technology stack (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML) and the MVVM architecture. Martin explained how developers can create “light” applications efficiently, using built-in components, with just 20% of code compared to Android apps.

On top of that, attendees learnt about the benefits of Quick Apps, like services and APIs for product lifecycle management, minimum time-to-market, promotion, user acquisition, monetization, user retention, etc.

Quick Apps certainly sparked interest among participants, as there were several questions raised by the audience. Given the time limit for each topic, further discussions were encouraged to take place via a dedicated discussion forum and a private group on LinkedIn for all participants and speakers.

Wish you had been there?

No worries. All the sessions were captured on video and will be available to watch later. We will keep you posted!

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