The OW2 MiniApp Initiative explores technologies, use cases and business dynamics centered on MiniApps, a new paradigm of light, no-install, hybrid applications for smart devices.

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The initiative is a respectful, consensus driven community, founded on the ideals of open source (transparency, collaboration, sharing, open to all). It operates in accordance with a community agreed charter, and is overseen by OW2, one of Europe’s preeminent open source organisations.

Quick Apps scratch an itch

Why we need them

Since the dot-com boom of the late 90s, our relationship with the world around us has evolved into a hybrid, sometimes chimeric, hyper connected, instant gratification, online/offline amalgam. As with any cultural and technological transition, this has happened through serendipity as well as inspired foresight. It has spawned new industries and disrupted others, yet it’s difficult to imagine how the mobile app dynamic in its current incarnation can efficiently, sustainably and inclusively continue to scale with this transition.

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